WIIT S.p.A., a company listed on the Euronext Star Milan segment ("STAR"), is one of the leading European players in the Cloud Computing market for businesses focused on the provision of continuous Hybrid Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud services for critical applications. The Company has 15 proprietary Datacenters and has 6 SAP certifications at the highest levels of specialization. The end-to-end approach allows the supply, to partner companies, of customized services with high added value, with the highest standards of safety and quality, for the management of critical applications and business continuity, as well as guaranteeing maximum reliability in the management of main international application platforms (SAP, Oracle and Microsoft).
WIIT is present in key markets such as Italy and Germany, operating through 15 proprietary Data Centers, 3 in Italy of which 2 are Tier IV certified by the Uptime Institute and 12 in Germany (of which a TIER IV is under construction. in 2020, with the acquisition of an important operator in Germany, it launched the CLOUD4EUROPE project, the aim of which is to position the company as a European leader in the Cloud of Critical Applications. The focus of acquisitions in Europe is on market players with a business model similar to that of WIIT or Player IT that can be considered part of the current WIIT Value Chain (eg Datacenter, Cloud IaaS) with a customer base suitable for an upselling strategy and possibly multi-year contracts.
The WIIT stock (Bloomberg ticker: WIIT.IM / Reuters ticker: WIIT.MI) has been listed on Euronext Growth Milan since 2016 and on Euronext STAR Milan since November 2019 and the shares can be purchased through its bank
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